How to find affection in a hollow relationship.

People crave affection. It's a base social need that we all strive for. Generally that's supposed to be the idea of dating each other. You express your love, you feel loved, It's the greatest thing in the world. But people like to put this crazy stigma on relationships. I come from a divorced household, so that might be why I feel this way. But relationships have a beginning and an end. If you arn't completely fulfilled with that relationship, you leave.

People don't do that as much as they should. I pity these girls who can't stand to be alone for a week before they need to find another suitor. What a co-dependent waste of carbon and air. How can you pretend to be happy if you can't be happy with yourself, solo.

So people get into relationships, and act like it's impossible to stop. They let the negative aspects of their relationship add up and add up and add up.

So you find yourself in a relationship that you arn't getting anything out of. But your fear of change and independence keep you locked in. What to do?

Find some person who obviously is head-over heels for you. Flirt, make them know you are interested. But be withholding with your affections, keep him on lock.Congrats, now you have a pretty girlfriend (or boyfriend) with a hollow relationship, and your own little bitch whos feelings and emotions don't matter. And whenever your done with this guy, just call him a creep so none of you friends will think your unloyal.

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