Transgender, oh boy.

I've been listening to a lot of talk radio lately. Conservative talk radio (bum-bum-BUM!). I heard a story on the radio about a 5 year old boy who believed he wanted to be a girl. ACCEPTABLE! I have nothing wrong with anyone who truly believes they are the wrong gender. Now that I've said that, I can say this. The kids parents are giving him hormone procedures to prevent puberty. When I was 5 years old I wanted to be a robot. My parents loved me, so they didn't replace any of my limbs with cyborg parts.

Children make a lot of bad decisions in their younger years. I have a new invention. You take two older people (Male and female, or Male and Male, or Female and Female, doesn't FUCKING matter) and you charge these two people with the upkeep of the child. Feed him, Cloth him, House him. But above all, the most important job of these guardians, to teach the child and make sure his young decisions don't effect his entire life.  Don't just shove him full of hormone altering chemicals at the youngest age possible. I would call this new invention, parents.

Now a few people are probably saying "But Alex, Transgender is a real psychological condition, why are you such a dick." To those people I say this "I can't hear you, you're reading a blog and talking to the computer. If you want to contact me write a reply or e-mail. Don't just speak at your computer monitor. Come on, your better then that"

So I'm a boy, but I don't like my lot in life. I don't like working hard labor, holding doors open, sports, or pretty much anything else about being a guy. I dislike the place society expects me to be due to my gender. SO I'M GUNNA CUT OFF THE TIP OF MY DICK AND TURN IT INSIDE-OUT. Wow, Wow, wow. Calm down here for just a moment, put down the knife. What you are saying is "I don't like what society expects, so I'm going to change myself." when you should just be rebelling against society. You think skirts are cute: wear a skirt. You like football: play football. Don't go around acting like you're not free to do what ever the fuck you want because of your gender. 

The parents from the aforementioned article are melodramatic. I assume they are the kind of people that see every little thing in their lives in its most dramatic light. They are shitty for diagnosing a 5 year old before his mind has fully developed. Only slightly less shitty are all of the 16 year old girls out there.

In my life I've met 5 girls ages 14-20 who claimed to be Transgender. Some of them dressed like boys, Most didn't. My biggest problem with them, was they wanted the best of both worlds. They wanted be come off like tough boys, but they wore make-up and took pictures of themselves in girly poses on the internet. Hell, a lot of them said they believed they were "Gay girly boys, trapped in a girls body." I have two diagnosis for these girls. 1) Melodramatic Attention Whore: When a person needs to make their lives come off as interesting and dramatic as possible to garder the attention of their peers. and 2) Penis Envy: Freud was a fucked up dude, and I don't like his stages of  psychosexual development, But penis envy is still a good term: Wanting the power and control that come with being male in our society. Even though we are more gender-equal now then ever, there is still a sense of power with being male. But these girls just need to learn that they are strong and powerful people as girls, to believe they need to change just perpetuates the idea that being male is better.

In closing: If you are over the age of 24 you can accept that you are transgender, if you are any younger, just chill out and give it time.

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